it’s like

I can’t say
what it was like
for all little girls
but I can say
what it was like
for one.
What it was like
for a little girl
was like
knowing you
were full of power
and not being encouraged
to use it.
Knowing you were wild
but being told
to be tame
Knowing the answer
but remaining quiet
so boys
could feel smarter
so you weren’t
a know it all
even if you
knew it all.
Not fighting in words
and certainly not
with your hands
because girls
couldn’t be girls
but boys
would be boys
it was like having
to color in the lines,
it was like putting a lid,
on a boiling pot.
Walking the tightrope
Completely balanced
Between too much
and too little.
Revealing too much
was indecent,
Too little
Just the right amount
of modified you.
It was like liking pink
Even though you
Thought it sucked.
And then
It was like your no
Meant yes,
and your body,
your shell,
not your heart
your mind,
was your soul.
Things ceased
to be unfair
they were unjust…
Times up.
Time for
the soap boxes
no more apologizing
for ourselves
no more competing
with my sisters
stoke the fire
march and love
and march and love
so that when
our daughters tell us
about what it’s like
for a little girl
they don’t have
to say me too.









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